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All is well now!

2011-08-25 15:10:31 by snowmadboy

I can comment again! Yay! Here's a small Sonic movie I made on pivot!

All is well now!

I can't BELIEVE this!

2011-08-25 03:40:27 by snowmadboy

I got a message from m-Bot saying I've been banned from commenting on Fancy Pant World 2!!!

What really ticks me of is I got banned by this Canas dude!!!

It says that he said about my review:


I'm an idiot...

2011-08-16 08:40:12 by snowmadboy

Will I start making flashes anytime soon...?

No, probably not.

If I do though I have some ideas.... I have some ideas >=3 Mwahahahahahahaha*Chokes to death*

I'm an idiot...

This is official! Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton for the Nintendo 3DS!!

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Professor Layton vs Phoenix wright

Animation vs Animator III

2010-10-11 03:07:27 by snowmadboy or-vs-animation/

Go and watch it, it's the best flash ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heres my little animation of my own:

Animation vs Animator III

I've been wondering

2010-08-31 09:22:36 by snowmadboy

What came first?????

The chicken or the egg?

Vote and it'll be confirmed.


my first news....

2010-03-06 03:15:50 by snowmadboy

hi im new to newgrounds so can someone tell how to make flashes?